HMA New-tech Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on supply turn-key solution of the most advanced storage system and services for potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic. Till the end of 2014, we have finished more than 40 storages which with capacity over 5000 tons in China.  The first class controller and key components with the professional and steady program of Mooij, combined with localized structural parts, enable our proposals to be the preferable choice to whom with critical storage requirements.  Regular, thorough in-time training and services eliminate the worries of the customers.

We are starting the market investigation for fruit and vegetable storages in China with Besseling system in 2017.

Besides the storage systems, we also supply the services for the machinery and equipment of Double L, Prinsen, Dacom, Tomra, Struik, Rauch,Top Air, etc. for the crops of potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbages, leeks, chives, complete solution from cultivation, fertilizer spreading, chemical spraying, haulm topping, transportation in field, grading, sorting, loading and unloading storage, washing, brushing, weighing, packing and processing.

HMA is doing its best to present the best solution and services to the customers.  We are glad to be the frank and handy assistant of both the manufacturers and also the farming entrepreneur.

Thank you for visit our website. If you have the intention, please contact us with message column in the website or use the following ways.

HMA New-tech 

Mail: mail@bjhma.com.cn

Web: www.160786.tw

Tel: 010-86460578

Technical telephone:010-86460578-810、010-86460578-803

Sales Tel:010-86460578-806、010-86460578-811






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